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WordPress Consulting

WordPress is the world's most widely used blogging and Web content management system. It's not the solution for all situations, but for the 80%+ of business needs, it can satisfy things nicely. This is why we've focused our efforts on supporting this platform and its use.

Mobile Development

More and more of the Internet is viewed through mobile devices. Rather than a paper notebook or envelope, people are jotting notes down into a phone or tablet device…and looking for products and services like yours. Is your web presence ready? What do mobile users get when they view your system on their device? If you don’t like the answers, let us help. Our experienced team of developers can guide you on the best use of mobile technologies for your market and business. Is a shiny new app going to solve all your problem? No, probably not, but like a good accountant it can make things easier. Contact us and find out how.


Inductor Media can help provide one-on-one, online, and in-person classroom training on a variety of topics. If you need specific WordPress training, or help taking your use of web productivity tools to the next level, we can help. As much as we are happy performing work for you, we are committed to empowering you and your team to be self sufficient to run your business efficiently.

Social Media

Yeah, yeah, everyone is doing it. Social media marketing is all the rage. A new Twitter account or Facebook page won’t bring in sales on their own. We can help you setup extraordinary campaigns with practical metrics so you can measure the effectiveness of your efforts. If you don’t want to dive the bus yourself. let us take the wheel for you. We can work with your in-house team to ensure your social media efforts are in sync with your web site, and promotion efforts and tie it all back to hard metrics for performance evaluation. Social media isn't fun if it doesn't work for you. We can fix that.

Site Support

Do you have an existing site you like, but are tired of the maintenance? As the excitement of the initial site launch turns into a mundane task, give us a call for some help. Let us drive the site, while you take care of the business.

Site Analytics

Certified specialists at Inductor Media can assist with a wide range of web analytics, ranging from initial setup of Google Analytics to fixing a broken or underutilized implementation. Your website metrics need to be measured in order to provide effective management feedback. Without this, you will be making changes based on incomplete or completely wrong information, which can be a costly lesson to learn. We can help. If you want us to handle it, great. If you want us to show you how to be more self-sufficient, even better.